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Drupal 10 Upgrade Coming This October

The seamless update will occur as part of our Q2 "Charlie" release

Sites@Duke Pro uses the Drupal content management system for back-end database and content management. All Sites Pro sites are currently running Drupal version 9, which is approaching end-of-life in November 2023.

Concurrent with our Q1 Taco release, our team has been diligently testing our system in preparation for the move to Drupal 10. Once Taco wraps up (get it?), we will upgrade all sites to Drupal 10 as part of our Q2 release: Charlie. This update is tentatively slated for the week of October 23, 2023.

Thanks to our centrally managed infrastructure, the upgrade process will be seamless for Sites Pro users – similar to our regular security updates, quarterly deployments, and the previous upgrade to Drupal 9. There will be no extra cost to Sites Pro customers, and there is nothing site owners need to do. There should be little to no disruption of service for both site editors and end users, and the Drupal 10 user interface is almost exactly the same as the Drupal 9 interface you are used to!

Please reach out to the Sites Pro team with any questions.