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Patch & Piper Arriving Next Week

Two releases scheduled for July 5-8

Patch and Piper, our upcoming sister releases, are scheduled for deployment the week of July 5, 2022. We anticipate most sites will be upgraded on Wednesday, July 6, and Thursday, July 7.


What to expect when your site is being updated

  • No downtime is expected for front-end production sites. Your site content will remain publicly available to end-users throughout the update.
  • Site editors may be temporarily unable to view the Preview pane on your back-end Drupal administrative site. This disruption will be brief.
  • New content or edits may take roughly one hour to appear on the production site, instead of the usual 10 minutes. This will resolve as soon as the update is complete.


Our team is excited to introduce you to Patch & Piper! Thank you for your understanding while we work to provide these important new features and improvements.