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Upcoming Changes to Site Header

Updates to the Site Header are coming in the "Greg" release

The remaining features in the Greg release, which addresses requests from our early pilot users, are approaching completion. There will be no disruption of service when the rest of Greg goes live, and we will post detailed release notes to this website and our Microsoft Teams channels at that time.

The most visible change included in Greg is an update to the site header.

Original header

Old style of site header

Updated header

New style of site header

This change:

  • Moves the main menu to its own full-width row beneath the site name/logo – avoiding any awkward wrapping of menu items on smaller screen sizes.
  • Enlarges the Duke wordmark and site name for improved readability and branding.
  • Relocates the site search box to a more standard location, making it more obvious on sites with no utility or action menu items.
  • Pulls the utility and action menus down into the blue header area.