The Creative, UX, and Accessibility Practice (CrUX) contributes to Sites Pro by providing an included consultation, and extra help on your project if you need.

User Experience (UX) Consultation - Included with Sites Pro

Every Sites@Duke Pro website purchase includes a one-hour user experience (UX) consultation with OIT's Creative and User Experience team (CrUX). 

Your one-hour UX consultation includes review of the following:

  • Critical user & stakeholder needs (User Experience)
  • Content organization (Information Architecture)
  • Visual layout options in Sites Pro 
  • Additional UX package assistance
  • Accessibility concerns
  • *Identifying questions for the Sites Pro technical team (Duke Web Services)

*The Duke Web Services (DWS) Team manages site launches, upcoming features, future integrations, and technical details of Sites Pro. For any technical questions related to Sites Pro, please email DWS at

We ask that one person sign up, then forward the invite to the core internal redesign team to attend.

Need extra help with your Site? We can help! The CrUX team offers optional website assistance packages for an additional cost. Review package options below.

Website UX Assistance Packages

Content Inventory, Package #1:

Cost: $1,500

A content inventory with an audit is crucial to be certain the information on your website is accurate and up-to-date.

We provide an automated website content inventory in spreadsheet form (outlining all pages, images, links, misspellings, etc) and guide the client through how to do a content audit. The audit identifies if content should stay, be re-written, be removed, or is missing altogether. Website owners will identify and validate existing website content to ensure its accurate and relevant to your website’s mission, leaving outdated or non-functional aspects of your site behind. 

Information Architecture + UX, Package #2:

Cost: $5,000
(Large or complicated sites will be priced individually)

Need help organizing your website, or don't know where to start with a new website? We can help! First we talk to stakeholders to identify your goals and mission. We then talk to your website audience to learn what end-users need and want from your site. This research provides data on how users find information and complete tasks, enabling us to provide a spreadsheet or visual organization of  your site's main navigation, subpages, and utility navigation. 

Page Layout Assistance, Package #3

Cost: $3,000
(Cost reduced to $2,500 if purchased in combination with IA/UX Package #2)

If you need help visualizing your content as designed web pages, we can help.

We build four prominent or complex pages on your site - using your content and layout features available in Sites Pro. We will provide a guide of how the pages were constructed providing a foundational understanding for managing additional content and generating more pages.

Usability Testing, Package #4 

Cost: quote upon request

(recommended to bundle with package #2 or #3)

The Usability Testing package is for those who want to evaluate their website with its intended audience. Can users find what they need? Can they complete tasks? Usability testing uncovers what does and does not work from the user's perspective in order to plan the most effective website. 

Collaborative Workshop, Package #5

Cost: quote upon request

The Workshop package is for those who would benefit from an intensive, hands-on collaborative session to solve problems and enable progress on a particular challenge when cross-functional ownership or consensus are needed. "Meetings" typically allow shallow coverage of many issues, while Workshops are best for deep, focused coverage of one issue between multiple stakeholders. 

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