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Document Content Type to be Replaced

As more Sites@Duke Pro users come online, we are constantly learning more about how you use the system. One feature that is not being used how we originally envisioned it is the Document Content Type. It is not being widely used, and there is often confusion between Document and Media items.

To make this feature more useful to you, we will be replacing the Document content type with a new Resource content type. Resources will allow a broader range of file types and additional fields, and it will more closely align with the content needs of our users.

Resources will be added in an upcoming feature release. Documents will not be removed until customers have been given ample opportunity to manually migrate their Document items over to Resources. Only then will we remove Documents from the system. We will note this plan on the User Guide, as well as within the system's administrative interface.

If you are not currently using Documents, please refrain from doing so moving forward. If you are using Documents and have questions or concerns, please let us know.