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"Marla" Release Notes

This release focuses on usability enhancements to the admin experience

Marla is here! Named in memory of OIT developer (and friend of the Sites Pro team) Iain Hadgraft's Greyhound, Marla was deployed to all Sites@Duke Pro sites on Wednesday, March 23, 2022.

This release includes usability enhancements to the administrative interface, primarily identified through user research interviews with early Sites Pro pilot users at the Sanford School. The goal is to make the editing experience even more user-friendly for our customers.

Additional changes to the admin experience include:

Renaming of List Content Blocks
  1. Renamed "Teaser List" content blocks to "List" blocks – e.g., News Teaser List is now News List
  2. Updated file path conventions to remove the date from the file URL – note: this will not break existing links or change the URLs of existing files; it will only affect new files uploaded after the change
  3. Streamlined workflow for selecting media from Media library
  4. Added help text throughout, including descriptions of content types, menus, and taxonomies
  5. Reordered fields on certain content types and content blocks
  6. Removed unnecessary Drupal default features
  7. Added ability to edit content when navigating in the Preview pane – note: parts of this change overlap with the Greg release, so it will be complete once both Marla and Greg have been deployed


We hope these enhancements will make site editing a more pleasant and intuitive experience for our users. Documentation on will be updated shortly to reflect these changes. If you have a question about a specific update, please contact us!