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Changes Coming for Site Editor Access

Required infrastructure updates will affect Drupal administration sites

All Sites@Duke Pro sites will undergo a required infrastructure upgrade before July 2024.

We will be reaching out to site owners individually to schedule this critical change. The upgrade requires a two-hour maintenance window, during which we will institute a content freeze – where no one logs into Drupal or edits your content. We anticipate less than five minutes of downtime for your front-end, public-facing website.

After the upgrade is complete, your back-end, Drupal administrative website URL will change. To edit, manage, and preview content, you will access a new URL, which we will provide during the upgrade. You will still need to be on the Duke network or VPN to edit your site. Meanwhile, your old Drupal URL (https://[yoursite] will no longer be available.

To recap, here is how the upgrade will affect the two components of your site:

  1. Drupal Administrative sites will be unavailable for 2 hours and be moved to a new URL.
  2. Live Production sites may be unavailable for up to 5 minutes.

Please reach out to the Sites Pro team via Microsoft Teams or with any questions, and keep an eye out for an email from us to schedule your upgrade window!