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Reminder for Customers Using Google Analytics

Export Universal Analytics data before the service turns off in July 2024


The transition from Universal Analytics (UA) to Google Analytics 4 (GA4) is nearly complete, and Google will begin turning off all Universal Analytics services in July 2024. Your old UA data will no longer be accessible.

We previously recommended anyone using Google Analytics create a new GA4 account and add it to their websites before UA stopped collecting new data last summer. At this point, anyone wanting to use Google Analytics should be on the more modern GA4 – which will not be affected by this July shutoff.

Here is how to check whether you have UA or GA4.

Exporting UA data

If you still need access to your old data, you will need to export your UA data before July 1. Google provides the following information, and export instructions are available through the Help Center link:

To maintain access to data from your Universal Analytics property, you should download or export your data now. If this isn’t done through one of the methods provided in the Google Analytics Help Center, your data will be permanently deleted by Google and won’t be recoverable. If you intend to use the BigQuery integration to export historical data from your Universal Analytics 360 property, we strongly recommend initiating this immediately.

UA data is not compatible with GA4 and cannot be imported into your new account. However, there are third-party tools you can use to view and manage the data.