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Document Content Type Removal: Final Notice!

Migrate and delete all Document items by December 2022

The Sites@Duke Pro team previously announced that the Document content type will be removed from the system

After working with affected customers throughout the fall semester to migrate Document items into the new Resource content type, we have scheduled this change for December 2022, in our upcoming "Buddy" release. 

To confirm your Document items have been migrated, you can check your Documents List Page (e.g., https://[yoursite] or filter your back-end /admin/content page by Content Type: Document. These lists should be empty.

This only affects Document content type items, not “document” files added as Media items. No action is required for Media items.


Instructions for migration to the Resources content type

  1. A user with the User Manager role will need to edit your user account and grant you the Resource Creator and Reviewer roles.
  2. Follow the instructions on to recreate each Document item as a Resource item.
  3. Update any links that point to your Document items, including links in your navigation menus, to point to the corresponding Resource item instead.
  4. Finally, delete all Document items.