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"Wally" Release Notes

Exciting new features and enhancements for a better user experience

White & black goldendoodle dog passed out on a rug surrounded by all his stuffed squeaky toys

Our Wally release was deployed to Sites@Duke Pro throughout the third quarter of Fiscal Year 2024 (January – March 2024). Please forgive our delayed release notes... Wally the labradoodle got a little sleepy on the job. (We actually jumped straight into our next release, but more on that soon!)

When he's not busy snoozing in a pile of toys, Wally can usually be found alongside his owner, senior web accessibility administrator Joel Crawford-Smith – advocating for a more accessible world for humans and pooches alike.

Full-width video hero

Add a powerful video feature to the top of any Page with our new Full-width Video Hero block. Select a video from your Media Library, Vimeo, Warpwire, or YouTube, and it will automatically play on repeat without audio (to align with accessibility requirements). Add optional title text or a button link if desired.

List Blocks can filtered by multiple categories

List content blocks filtered by multiple Categories

Previously, list content blocks could only be filtered by a single Category taxonomy term. Now, all list content blocks can be filtered by multiple Categories – giving you greater flexibility when building out your lists!

For example, in this screenshot, the first Resource List block displays a Resource item tagged with two categories: "Accounting Processes & Procedures" and "Accounts Receivable." The second list also displays Resources tagged with multiple terms.

Categories must be an exact match for items to display in a list – e.g., "Accounting Processes & Procedures" and "Accounts Receivable," not one or the other.


Our new Site-Specific Categories on Events feature was such a hit in our previous Charlie release that we've added them to News, as well!

If your imported News items need more granular or unique Categories than those pulled in via a feed, you can now add Site-Specific Categories on imported News. These manually entered Category terms are specific to your individual website and will not be overwritten by the feed.

Edit screen with fields for Imported Categories and Site-Specific Categories

FAQs List can Expand by default

The FAQs List content block displays a list of FAQ items that can be filtered by Category taxonomy terms. By default, the items in this list display as collapsed accordions, and the user can click the "+" icon to open/close them.

Now, by customer request, we have added the ability to display these items as expanded, not collapsed, accordions when the page first loads.

Two FAQs Lists: one with collapsed Q&A, one with expanded Q&A


To enable this option, select the "Expanded FAQ List" checkbox on an FAQs List.

Expanded FAQ List checkbox on editing screen

Editors can filter content by Category

Filtering content by Category in Drupal

Site editors can now filter content items by Category taxonomy term on the main Content administration screen. This makes certain content management functions easier – for example, if you need to identify or edit every piece of content tagged with a particular Category.

Scholars@Duke enhancements

Wally also makes improvements to our Scholars@Duke integration, including:

  • The Publication List block now accepts Duke University IDs (DUIDs) – allowing you to pull in publications for an individual Scholar, as opposed to an entire Scholars organization.
    Publications List with dropdown to select Organization ID or DUID
  • Site editors can edit metadata on Scholars Profiles for improved search engine optimization (SEO). In particular, this allows for unique meta descriptions, which is particularly valuable for SEO on content that is being pulled in from another site/service.
    Metatags tab on Scholars Profiles
  • Scholars Profiles descriptions in site search results have been streamlined for better readability.

Infrastructure Updates

A smiling labradoodle at a brewery

We finished system-wide changes to our technical infrastructure (started in Charlie) to resolve issues with imported Events showing occasional "Page Not Found" errors and performance of the editing experience on larger sites.

User Experience tweaks

Wally also includes a variety of small changes to improve accessibility, design, and usability, such as:

  • Repositioning Related Links on individual Policies pages to better surface information for site visitors.
  • Fixing minor issues with anchor links, hero blocks, site search, social sharing, and the DukeALERT bar display.
  • A focus on improving systemwide layouts on tablet displays, 2-column rows, and 3-column rows.
  • Addressing accessibility and styling concerns in menus and tables.


White & black goldendoodle dog posing majestically with a frisbee

Look for updated training documentation for these features on our User Guide, and please let us know if you have any questions about Wally!

Also, you can submit new feature ideas for consideration through our New Feature Request process.