Sites@Duke Pro websites are available to the Duke community at a low cost, compared with a typical custom website redesign project.



Save money

Custom development can easily reach the 10s of 1,000s of dollars!

One low fixed payment covers support, maintenance, and webhosting.


Get the latest tech

New features and enhancements are included at no extra charge.

Your site will receive the latest trends and technology continuously and seamlessly, with no need to save for a costly redesign every few years.


Simplify your process

Using a Duke-supported service avoids the tedious vendor bidding and management processes.

Duke's Web Governance Group encourages the use of Sites Pro, easing the path for project approvals.


Start-up cost: $3,000

  • One-time charge to your cost center/fund code – charged after initial site request
  • Receive a fully functional website, access to training materials, initial training session, and introductory user experience consult
  • Build out your website content to your liking with our flexible, user-friendly interface, before we launch the site at your desired URL
  • Learn more about the start-up process
Optional supplementary services

monthly maintenance fee: $250

  • Charged monthly to your cost center/fund code – first charged the month you receive your staging site
  • Your site automatically receives new features, options, and functionality added to the overall Sites Pro system
  • Web hosting and security updates are included in this price and are not a separate charge
  • Includes materials, support, and bug fixes for both hardware and software, 24/7 monitoring, backups, and service operations support


Notice of any changes to these one-time start-up and recurring monthly maintenance costs will be provided in advance, to give you time to budget accordingly.

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