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"Piper" Release Notes

This feature release focuses on frequently requested items, button link changes, and third-party integrations

Welcome, Piper! This feature release, named for Sites Pro development lead David White's energetic beagle pup, was deployed to all Sites@Duke Pro sites the week of July 5, 2022 – alongside her sister feature release, Patch.


A Sites@Duke Pro website page featuring a searchable and filterable list of resource items

The new Resource content type is a new and improved replacement for the existing Document content type, incorporating customer feedback to offer a more usable content solution. Watch for follow-up communications about the pending removal of Documents.

Users with the Resource Creator and Resource Reviewer roles can access this feature by going to Content > Add Content in the Drupal admin menu. A list page of Resources will be available by default at /resources.



Site admins may now customize the titles and URL aliases of Content Type List Pages.

For example, the "Blog" page (example:, which displays a list of all Blog Posts on the site, could be renamed "News and Views" or "Alumni Notes." The URL could also be updated from /blog to /news-views or /alumni-notes. However, the type of content that displays (e.g., Blog Posts) cannot be changed.

Site admins can also deactivate any of these automatically generated list pages. 


OTHER notable piper UPDATES

  1. Buttons links, in both the Button content block and built into other content blocks, can point to email addresses (also known as "mailto" links) or media items
  2. Integration with SmugMug and Tableau
  3. An RSS feed for upcoming Events
  4. Story content type items will display related stories tagged with the same Category terms
A list of 3 "related stories" at the bottom of a Story page

Documentation of these new features will be made available on shortly. If you have a question about a specific update, please contact us!

Also, you can submit new feature ideas for consideration through our New Feature Request process.