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"Taco" Release Notes

Celebrating National Taco Day with a system update

Our tasty Taco release was deployed to Sites@Duke Pro throughout the first quarter of Fiscal Year 2024, with the final changes wrapping up on October 4 – coincidentally, National Taco Day! Taco is named for this sassy spokesmeowdel, a rescue cat now living her best life with Sites Pro team member Barbara Puccio.

Brown tabby cat with big beautiful green eyes

Infrastructure updates

In preparation for the upcoming upgrade to Drupal 10, Taco brings both Drupal and our Gatsby front-end framework up to their most recent versions, including a number of Drupal module updates and work to improve the integration between the front- and back-ends.



imported events from Duke Event Calendar

Events can be added two ways:

  1. Imported via feed from the Duke Event Calendar.
  2. Manually added through Drupal.
Admin interface with gray uneditable fields

If an Event is imported, any changes made manually in Drupal will be overwritten when the feed updates. Changes should instead be made directly to the original item in the Event Calendar.

Now, to improve usability, the individual fields on the edit screen for imported Events will appear grayed out and uneditable. Manually-entered Events will still be editable, as before. This will reduce user confusion and help clarify whether an Event is imported and can be edited in Drupal.

Iframe Block additions

Select third-party services can be embedded into a Page or Story using the Iframe content block. The following services were requested by Sites Pro customers, approved by our Management Group and technical team, and added to the system this quarter:

  • Box
  • Padlet (Note: Padlet was removed in November 2023 due to accessibility concerns)
  • Pathways
  • Scribe

Please review our Iframe embeds table for more information on working with each service.

Publications List styling

Taco makes styling improvements to the Publications List content block, as requested by our users. This block is populated with data pulled from Scholars@Duke, which allows limited options for styling. However, small changes make for big improvements in readability – like the addition of bolded titles and bullet points.

Bulleted list of Sanford School publications

Social Media Embed fixes

Tweet featuring an image of students jumping next to a Duke sign in front of the Duke Chapel on the first day of classes

Taco improves our Social Media Embed content block, correcting issues arising from code changes made by these third-party social media services.

Facebook posts, Twitter feeds, and single tweets can be embedded in a Page or Story using the Social Media Embed block. There is still an ongoing issue with Instagram embeds that we hope to resolve in a coming release.

Taco also adds help text to the Social Media Embed, reminding users affiliated with the Duke University Health System not to use this block – as social media embeds are no longer allowed per DUHS social media policy.


Styling updates

Taco includes a buffet of front-end styling improvements, including:

  • Profile content type: if the contact information fields (email, phone, office address, and personal website) are empty, the "Contact Info" heading and box beneath the Profile image will be hidden.
  • Event List block: removed excess white space when less than 3 events display in a 1-column row layout – e.g., during those slow summer months
  • Callout block: reduced white space above Callout to be more consistent with other blocks, particularly in 2-Column Rows
  • Carousel Hero: the Title field is now clickable, linking to the URL specified in the Hero Link field
  • Improved spacing and styling of text within tables
  • Enhancements for screen readers
  • Spacing and alignment improvements for various content block layouts
  • Addressed issues with DukeALERT bar display
Brown tabby cat with green eyes laying on the carpet


Finally, here are a few last important toppings on our Taco:

  • Fixed anchor links bug that pointed users to an unintended section on the target URL
  • Accessibility enhancements on Content Type List Pages, as well as the ability to customize the FAQs List Page
  • Additional help text on the admin interface across multiple content types to improve usability – notably, more descriptive instructions for Hero images

Brown tabby cat laying on a green blanket

Our User Guide has been updated with the latest training documentation. In queso any issues or questions about Taco, please contact us! (One last pun – we couldn't help ourselves!)

Also, you can submit new feature ideas for consideration through our New Feature Request process.