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Upcoming Release: Guillermo

The cat is out of the bag! The tuxedo cat, to be exact. Say hello to Guillermo, the inspiration behind our 4th and final quarterly release of Fiscal Year 2023!

Tiny black kitten with white feet, sitting on a brick windowsill

Guillermo appeared on Sites Pro trainer Debbie Suggs' doorstep late one night in 2020, and he's called Debbie his pet ever since. This small feline got his big name (pronunciation here) after the put-upon familiar to the vampires in the mockumentary series What We Do in the Shadows. See how tiny he was back then!

The Guillermo release primarily focuses on small styling, usability, and bug fixes. We are also restructuring the expanded main menu to display more items and updating the layout of Related items lists on News and Stories. Last but not least, the most exciting Guillermo addition is a white header style option.

Guillermo's updates have been divided into multiple deployments, which are being rolled out seamlessly to all Sites Pro live, staging, and content/admin websites throughout the fourth quarter. We will post a detailed update on this website and Microsoft Teams when the overall release is complete.