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Upcoming Release: "Marla"

Meet Marla! This Sites@Duke Pro release is named in memory of OIT developer (and friend of the Sites Pro team) Iain Hadgraft's Greyhound, Marla. Marla was the trusty companion dog to Greg, for whom our first feature release is named.

This release includes usability enhancements to the administrative interface, as identified through user research interviews with early Sites Pro pilot users at the Sanford School. The goal is to make the editing experience even more user-friendly for our customers.

Marla will include updates such as:

  1. Additional help text throughout the admin interface
  2. Descriptions of content types, menus, and taxonomies
  3. Display the Administrative Title field on collapsed content blocks
  4. Improve the editing workflow when navigating in the Preview pane
  5. Reordering fields on certain content types and content blocks

When the Marla release is complete, it will be seamlessly rolled out to all Sites Pro live, staging, and content/admin websites. We will post an update on this website, as well as on the Sites Pro Microsoft Teams channels.