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Upcoming Release: Wally

Meet Wally the Goldendoodle! The star of our 3rd Quarter release of Fiscal Year 2024 is the trusty sidekick of Joel Crawford-Smith, senior web accessibility administrator and meticulous reviewer of all pre-launch Sites Pro sites. Wally is quite the man about town and can often be found on the trails and underneath the dinner tables of Durham's hottest spots.

White & black goldendoodle dog wearing "the cone of shame" around his neck

Here are some of the bigger features on tap for Wally:

  • A full-width video hero option for more engaging page layouts
  • Filtering list content blocks by multiple Categories (instead of just one)
  • Displaying optional Summary text on Profiles and Scholars Profiles in People Lists

Wally will also include a variety of usability, accessibility, performance, and technical improvements to existing functionality, such as:

  • Main menu
  • Search engine optimization of Scholars Profiles
  • Search filtering logic
  • Social sharing
  • Styling on tablets and smaller screens
  • Technical infrastructure and feed imports

The Wally release will be rolled out seamlessly to all Sites Pro live, staging, and content/admin websites throughout the third quarter. Look for a detailed update on this website and Microsoft Teams when Wally is complete.