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"Guillermo" Release Notes

The highlight of this quarterly release is a new white header option

The Guillermo release, named for trainer Debbie Suggs' tuxedo cat and occasional attendee of our team meetings, was deployed to Sites@Duke Pro throughout the fourth quarter of Fiscal Year 2023 (April – June 2023).

White Header Option

The most significant Guillermo update is the addition of a new header color scheme – a white background with blue accents and yellow Action Menu.

Now, during the site request process, site owners have the option to select the standard blue header (as appears this website) or the new white option (as seen on our User Guide). This selection is not editable by site admins and is not easily changed once implemented.

Sites@Duke Pro white header color scheme with expanded main menu


Other Guillermo Updates

Guillermo also includes a number of small styling, usability, and bug fixes – as well as a restructuring of the main menu to display more items and an updated layout for Related items lists on News and Stories.

Related News stories in a vertical list layout

Black & white tuxedo cat sitting on a banister

Updated user documentation is available on Please contact us with any questions!

Also, you can submit new feature ideas for consideration through our New Feature Request process.