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Upcoming Release: Enzo

Our 3rd Quarter release of Fiscal Year 2023 has it all! Enzo the Golden Retriever is not only highly photogenic and a Very Good Boy, but he's also very smart – a trained service dog! Enzo enjoys long walks on the beach and traveling the Carolinas with his family, including Sites Pro team member David White and his beagle sisters Patch and Piper.

Cute Golden Retriever sitting on the grass with his tongue hanging out

A number of enhancements are in progress for Enzo, including:

  • Policy content type
  • Integration with third-party service Cvent
  • Code updates to improve accessibility and search engine optimization (SEO)
  • User interface and styling tweaks for better usability and consistency
  • Bug fixes
  • Infrastructure upgrades

Enzo's updates have been divided into multiple deployments, which are being rolled out seamlessly to all Sites Pro live, staging, and content/admin websites throughout the third quarter. We will post a detailed update on this website and Microsoft Teams when the overall release is complete.